Saturday, July 11, 2009

Settling in Sateside--End of this Chapter

Hi folks!

(Earlier version of this post forgot to mention that my I-pod dried out after two days and now works fine...Yay!)

Well, it doesn't seem appropriate to continue blogging under this title any longer, since I am not, and likely will not be, in Erbil anymore.

My time there was up, and nothing special was cooking back in my company's HQ, so I am a free agent now. We shall see what happens.

I suppose, if time permits, I will start up another blog with a different title and address. It's good for the psyche to write, keep a record of good (and bad) jokes, and have something to jog my memory as to what happened when...for a possible book.

I will post something here for those that wish to follow along, once I set it up.

Peace and Love to all!