Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hi folks!

I am having a difficult time with Blogspot. Every time I hit a tab or a space in my title lines, it changes all the words to question marks.

At the advice of my brother, I tried using a different browser, but when I do that, all the options come up in Arabic, and even when you try to guess which link to click to edit the blog, all the options are right to left, so you get totally confused. It's funny...

Sometimes my browser shows me German...why?...sometimes Arabic...depends on where I log in. At work it's normally German, which, at least I can read. It also depends on which browser software I use.

Pain in the butt. But other things in life are more important.

Like football.

I rested on Saturday, ate kebab and ice cream, and some instant noodles. Kept the boys at home too, to rest their legs and catch up on homework and family stuff. Also got the grass fertilized and watered. Gotta take care of the grass in this season. It's gonna get cold soon and the turf hasn't set very well yet on that clay....hope it survives the winter.

Anyway, we resume today, for a couple of days, then there will be the big Eid festival for the end of Ramadan and everyone, even the Christians, will celebrate, take a break...sort of like our Thanksgiving and Christmas combined. Two or three days of feasting and greeting family, and giving gifts to children.

Today, in honor of the fact that my boss went on leave yesterday (in a huge dust-storm--hopefully he really did get to go on leave), I am wearing the Pesh-Merga outfit I bought before my last home-leave. I am going to joke with the staff that I have staged a coup. We will take pictures, and I will post them here, of course.

I look kinda silly in this garb...just hope I don't get any calls for last-minute official meetings. I am sort-of staging my own Halloween. Haha.

Love and Peace to all!

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