Monday, December 1, 2008

Another bad handoff.....

Hi folks,

Did I mention I don't like American football? Did I forget to mention the one exception? Pittsburgh Steelers are my team. What a beating they put on the almighty Patriots!!! Go Black and Gold. All the way to the replay of the Superbowl coming up in January. (You will only get the joke if you have read the blog from a few days ago.)

Anyhoo, watch this hand-off from one of our recent closing ceremonies. We present diplomas to the participants and they normally shake hands, smile, and pose for a picture. I wrote about this incident in an earlier post, but here is the evidence.

I don't make this stuff just happens.

A laugh a day is good for you. Despite all the drudgery, we do have fun here!

My boss has a great sense of humor, and we laugh a lot when we're talking about our work. That is a good thing!

When we talk about soccer, we are dead serious.

Love and Peace to all!

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