Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas Palestinians!

Hi folks,

Ehud^2 (Olmert and Barak) sure has proven to be bad calculus. Granted, Hamas went by the letter of the 'cease-fire' and started shooting as soon as the clock struck 2400 on the end-date. But come on guys, their Kassam rockets are over-rated. Two Israelis killed and now over 400 Palestinians. I don't say they were all innocents.

In any case, what a way to start the New Year.

I guess my quoting John Lennon's song, 'War is Over' in my last post was so anti-prescient. Or, maybe Ehud^2 hates my blog and wanted to make a point.

Well, I feel sorry for the other Barak, who will have to clean up the mess that George Bush allowed to fester, when opportunities were there.

Is there any hope for this region?

There were strong words yesterday from a senior Kurdish official to the effect that, since the Baghdad politicians cannot seem to sort out the oil issue, it may be time for the Arabs and Kurds to go to the mat. I suppose it would be a tactically smart move for the Kurds, as the Arabs (Sunni and Shia) seem preoccupied right now murdering each other. Kind of like a third party candidate, ala Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose Party--let the big boys duke it out and drag each other down, then swoop in for the big prize. How did I get so jaded?

There's no 'other news' in this post.

Love and Peace (?) to all!

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