Thursday, December 4, 2008

The safest place on earth

Hi folks,

I was meaning to write this a bit earlier, but had to take a nap. So, excuse me if it's late in arriving.

When I read the news or listen to the radio, I only hear that the proverbial stuff is hitting the fan all over the world. So, I figure, I am safer here than in most places. I have 24-7 security all around me. Sometimes to the point of frustration, admittedly, but they're in place all the time.

The guys may be cavemen, but they know their business. Most have been in real combat situations. I can be pretty sure that if the people in the Taj in Mumbai had guys like these around them, they would have gotten out safely.

And they are good guys, doing a job for a paycheck, just like most people. Only they are good guys that sometimes scare you because they are so strong and seemingly handy with large weapons.

The way I figure, I could probably get out of Erbil in about 20 minutes from the time of the first notice that Turkey was invading. I would have at least two guys with me, with AKs, in an armored car, and a large machine gun in the rear seat facing out the back window. If anything happens, I can drive the car and let the other guys do the shooting. I would likely have to drag a few colleagues with me, but that wouldn't be a problem. Once they get scared enough, they will do anything you tell them. I know. I have been there.

In other news:

Since the weather has been getting colder, we are all wearing coats. It cracks me up that every one of our security team has almost the exact same coat. They wear the same pants and vests and shirts...because they're practical for the job they have to do. But then, it turns out that I have the same coat, too. The liner of a Columbia parka that was stolen when my house was broken into last year. It's just the liner part, which happened to be with me when the robbers stole the shell. But it looks exactly like what the guys are wearing.

With the economy back home tanking (I have lost more than half of what I was saving for retirement), it seems like this is the only place to earn money and take care of your family's needs. So, I work hard, play hard, and stay in shape doing what I love.

I am learning Kurdish, Arabic, and Spanish. Keeping my options open.

Love and Peace to all!

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