Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wax-paper fog

Hi folks,

This morning's ride to the office was pretty scary. The fog was really thick, and many of the cars on the road either did not turn on their lights, or their lights don't work....we had a couple of close calls. The driver on the security team did a good job, and we had left in plenty of time, so there was no rush. We just took our time and he was really careful at every intersection.

All arrived in one piece at the office.

I wish I had my camera with me today. I have somehow gotten out of the habit of carrying it with me everywhere I go. You would not believe this fog. It reminds me of the mountains in Bosnia during the winter. Maybe 10 meters' visibility at best. We were riding right up onto trucks with no taillights and could only see them when it was better to get around them rather than brake to stay in behind them.

I guess sometimes life, in a philosophical sense, is like that, too. You hardly see the problem coming and then it's a massive obstacle in front of you. You can brake hard and risk losing traction on the slippery road, or push the gas and drive around the obstacle, putting it behind you. The latter requires more skill, and also, especially when the fog is thick, puts you at risk of hitting something else coming the other direction. Even on open road, there is the chance you will encounter something in the fog that you couldn't see until too late.

In other news:

I found a Catholic orphanage in my neighborhood and plan to donate the soccer equipment I've been hoarding. A friend is going to show me the place and we'll make arrangements with the monks that run it to bring the boys there something for Christmas.

The boys that play with me already have gotten enough stuff. I'd rather give the rest of it to the orphanage and clear out some space in my room.

It will be nice in our neighborhood, where most of the people are Catholic. On Christmas Eve, after the evening Mass, there is supposed to be caroling and Santa Claus(s) (multiple), going around the neighborhood to bring gifts to the kids. I hope to get out for that and take some pictures. We'll see what the security guys think about that plan.

In the meantime, I'm happy I found a place that can use the gear I have collected, and hope we'll have a fun time handing it out to the boys at the orphanage.

Photos to follow!

Peace and Love to all!

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