Monday, January 26, 2009

The curfew is coming

Hi folks!

Greetings from Kurdistan. Elections are coming up here in Iraq, but our humble region will not be participating, because the issues between the Kurds and the Arabs has not been sorted out to the liking of the US Department of State. I pray that it will get sorted out, but in the meantime, our region is excluded from the democratic process.

All the same, the national curfew has been ordered for 30 and 31 January. January 30 is a Friday, so we wouldn't be working anyway that day, but January 31, which, as a Saturday would ordinarily be a workday, we'll have to stay buttoned down in the compound--no travel authorized on that day. Call it a long weekend, courtesy of Iraqi politics.

I will have to work anyway, since I am going on leave soon, and I don't want to leave a backlog of stuff to deal with when I get back.

In other news:

Here is a picture from the local paper after Inauguration Day. I had meant to get it out on here before now, but had a case of EEOA with our scanner (Equipment Exceeds Operator Ability).

Love and Peace to all!

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