Thursday, March 19, 2009

A ball-peen hammer, a bucket of paint, a screwdriver, and a fire truck walked into a bar

Hi folks!

Today, I am trying to get the finishing touches done on the Training Center. Should be a simple thing....just supervise the work of the contractor's guys. But, as usual, I have to put in a bit of physical labor as well....moving book-cases, taking down bulletin boards, etc. Outsourcing never really works.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a day off and there are still a few more days to get it all done. Unfortunately the intervening days are mostly holidays. Kurdish New Year! We don't officially observe it as a company, but just try to get anything done.....everyone is busy with their families, their feasts, and their good Turkish wine.

In other news:

Despite all the efforts of our cleaning lady and her assistant to clean our concrete apron around the building, it didn't seem to be good enough, in preparation for our grand opening. So today, they brought a fire-truck--a pumper/tanker truck and blasted it with a high-pressure hose.

Insh'allah the thorough cleaning will impress everyone that comes to the opening on the 25th.

The weather forecast for today follows:

It may be Sunni, or it may be Shiite. It is springtime after all, and these things are hard to predict.

So anyway, the ball-peen hammer got in an argument with the paint, and he said: I am going to smash you.

The paint said: Well aren't you just a smashing young man, whereupon the ball-peen let loose on the paint can. And as he faded away, the paint can said: You may smash, but I can splash. And he covered the ball-peen with thick white paint.

As the paint began to dry, causing the ball-peen to feel a little itchy, he walked over to the screwdriver, who said: Dude, you are really screwed.

It was lucky for poor ball-peen that the fire-truck had walked into the bar just behind him. He deployed his hose, called in the EMTs and got ball-peen out of that paint mess in no time. They gave him oxygen, since he had been suffocating under the paint fumes.

Unfortunately, due to the toxic chemicals in the paint that were covering ball-peen for some time, he did not recover.

When he got to heaven, he met the paint can, whom he had personally destroyed.

Screwdriver also joined them there after a few days, because someone tried to use him to drill a hole in concrete.

By the time fire-truck arrived, they were all singing Peter, Paul and Mary: If I had a Hammer

Jeepers, why do I write this crap? Maybe I need to watch more TV.


I had a nice dinner and chat with some colleagues last night, and though we did have some religious and philosophical disagreements, one guy that I think is really good told me this:

There are three priorities in life:

Love God and serve God

Love your fellow mankind (this includes your family)

Take care of yourself

These are ranked in order.

Sort of an updated 'Golden Rule'. For me, at least.

Love and Peace to all!

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