Sunday, March 8, 2009

International Women's Day

Hi Folks,

Yes, the day comes around again every year. You are supposed to remember all the women in your life....wife, mother, daughter, colleague, aunt, sister, whatever.... I guess it started out as a kind of communist thing...but I also guess that the nuclear (or nucular) family is also a kind of communist thing, after all.

I think the wonderful thing about women is that most of them can tolerate a lot of crap before they go crazy. Men would normally, instinctively start to fight at the first sign of crap. Not (hopefully) physically, but in more subtle ways.

I see it clearly in the culture here...and perhaps, upon reflection, in my own life. Bandmates, classmates, teammates...there is always a rivalry among men.

Women tend to crush you with their care and concern, and until they can understand that you are able to handle things on your own, they will badger you with advice and admonitions. This is, apparently, the way God made our fragile human species.

In honor of all the wonderful women who have been part of my life, from Thera and Deborah, to Memere and Mom to my aunts, and the teachers and other caregivers while I was growing up, to all the female friends and colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with, or play soccer with...especially the Charlie's Angels who really were there for me in tough times....I have to tell a joke....(some of you may have heard this before--forgive me)


In the beginning, God created all the stuff, and then he put Adam in the middle of a beautiful garden, and let him to his own devices.

Adam tooled around the garden, checked out all the birds and butterflies, animals and fish, flowers and fruits...and then got damn bored.

He sat down and cried out to God: 'My God, all these things you have given me are wonderful, but I have no one to share them with. Can't you please give me some companion with whom I can enjoy the wonders of your creation?'

God said: 'My dear Adam, created in my image and likeness, I will give you a wonderful creature that will love you always, obey your will, provide you with infinite happiness, teach you things, take care of your every need, and ensure that your belly is always full.'

Adam: 'My Lord, God....this is more than I could ever ask for.'

God: 'Well, yes, Adam....I am afraid it will cost you an arm and a leg.'

Adam: 'What can I get for a rib?'


No offense, my female friends, but you have to admit that is funny!

I pray for the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary, mother of all women (and men, too), for all of you today, and, when I remember and am not too tired, every day.


Now leave me alone until Mothers' Day, Valentine's many Days do you need? The guys get one...Fathers' Day...if they are a real father or a priest....otherwise SOL.

I know that was one bummer of an ending to an otherwise lovely post.

A real bummer.....

Love and Peace to all, especially the women!

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