Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Hi Folks!

What is there to say? Today is Memorial Day and no time for silly humor or the banter that sometimes appears in this space.

Please take a moment today to thank the men and women of our country's forces who have given their dedicated service, and sometimes their lives, so that we, even in the difficult economic times we face, can enjoy the prosperity of our beautiful and free nation.

To my Dad, my grandfathers, and to all the guys I met in Bosnia and here in Iraq.....I hope you never have to see another flag draped on a coffin. And to the women who have supported all of them, I hope that when you ultimately receive a triangle of red-white-and-blue, that it will be a good reminder of the dedication and service these men have displayed, and never bring you grief, but pride when you look upon it.

I will never have a flagged-draped coffin, or General Pershing's backwards boots, but I have seen enough of them--rather not see one from the inside. God bless the women and men who have given, and still give their bodies, minds, and spirits in defense of our nation.

Love and Peace to all.

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