Thursday, May 21, 2009

You can't make up this stuff

Hi Folks,

I have begun serious work on a book I am planning to publish somehow......

Working title was 'You Can't Make This Shit Up', but I have decided to make it 'stuff' instead.

So the new title will be 'You Can't Make This Stuff Up'--A long journey of a madman in a sad world.

I will include a lot of stories from my travels, my growing up, my attempt at adulthood and married life, and my addictions, and the various things that have been tried to make me 'normal'.

I will also, inevitably, tell you about the amazing things that I have participated in during my work, and the many people who have been developed into mature professionals thanks to the projects we worked on together. Maybe something about the factories we re-engaged in Bosnia to make clothes, shoes, pasta, bread, etc.......

I may also tell you about the earthquake in Bhuj, when I nearly crapped my pants before I got out of the building. I had some wonderful colleagues there, whose names I cannot recall, but I know they will remember me, as the first sight they had that early morning as they came in from their tents was me running out of the building with a pale, blood-ridden face, shaking in fright at the aftershock.

Unfortunately, dear friends, you will have to buy the the book, because, without a publisher's advance, I can't give away free copies.

I am sure you will enjoy it, once it is written.

If you want an advance copy, with author signature, you are out of luck, or simply SOL as we say here in Iraq.

If you have about $20K and want to start a publishing venture, please contact me!


Sometimes I crack myself up.

Love and Peace to All!

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