Wednesday, June 3, 2009

23 Days to Wapner

Hi Folks!

Wow, it really has become bonus day. Hope I haven't made you bored yet.

Well there are 23 days to go before I leave this fine city of Erbil for good. I will be pretty busy over those days, at work and at home--packing up my stuff and getting ready to ship out.

Also have to do some financial planning for the future. Probably going to buy a house in S. Texas and then rent it to a family I know. I figure the market now is so on the side of buyers that you cannot ignore the investment opportunity while you have the capital and a pre-approval from the bank.

23 Days to Wapner comes from the movie Rain Man, in which Dustin Hoffman played an autistic guy (at the time called 'idiot savant'), who always counted his time in terms of the time to the next episode of 'The Peoples' Court', with Judge Wapner presiding.

Just a way my kids and I started to count time, once I introduced them to the idea.

So it's 23 days to Wapner, and I am pretty happy!

I hope I can still pay my bills without having to tap my daddy for a loan in the meantime.

HMMMM Did I ever pay off the last one? Did any one of us pay off the debts we owe to our parents?

Something to think about.

Love and Peace to all!

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