Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old news...just getting used to the blog thing....

Dear Friends and Family,

Today is my fourth day back in Erbil. I woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of birds and a calm, crisp day. I did not do PT this morning because I am still getting over the jet-lag, and also adjusting to the food...

Yesterday, I went out for a stroll in Ainkawa, the neighborhood of Erbil where I live...bought some apples, peaches, etc...and made some inquiries about more memory for my Mac, software, and a banner for my field.

I also installed the goals and hung the nets, so that we can start playing as soon as the ground dries. For those of you that have not seen my project, please go to the 'before' picture first, then look at the new one.

There was a bit of a scare yesterday...lots of shooting at night. I presumed it was a wedding party or some such thing, and apparently I was right, as they havent come for me yet!!!

One cool bit to tell you all...there is a deaf and non-speaking guy that works on our compound. Yesterday when I was going to Ainkawa, he gave me a sesame-seed bar--made with honey. Why is this cool??? Because CRS has been working with sesame cultivation and processing in West Africa for probably 15 years. We were looking for the George Washington Carver of sesame, but it didn't really happen, to my knowledge. On the other hand, there is sesame paste in Erbil, just like peanut butter, but with a slightly different taste.

I will give that guy a CLIF bar when he comes to work in a few minutes. I brought lots of those with me.

I lost in football yesterday 11-9. I was up 7-3 early, and he came back. We count nutmeg goals as two, so when we were even at 9-9, he nutmegged me and got 11.

I hope you are all well!

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