Sunday, September 14, 2008

24 Boys Takes a Lot of Time

One more showed up yesterday. He didn't have a registration paper or ID card, but he clearly wanted badly to play....couldn't send him away. Turns out he has a really mean foot...both right and left. Popped in a couple of really hard shots.

So we're at 24 kids, could really field two full teams with the energy they have.

More older guys are coming out to help with coaching. It really helps that they're now broken down into two groups. They come in smaller groups every other day. We have to get them organized into squads for the bigger field, but we'll do that later.

Not to skip around between topics (which I am actually doing....don't know why people say that...not to do this, but I am about to do it anyway), but tonight I watched the first episode of Mad Men. One of the coolest shows I have seen. So much sardonic humor and intrigue. A buddy told me about it last year, but I didn't get to catch the bulk of the first season, so missed a lot of the character and story development.

Listening to Dar Williams as I type this blog entry--the Beauty of the Rain is the name of the album. We had a crap-load of rain here a few days ago. Believe me, it was beautiful, but also rather scary with the thunder and lightning.

Some of you have probably heard the story of my first night in Sarajevo. Thunder and lightning scare me because they remind me of shelling.

Anyway, we don't have any of that nonsense here, yet, so we're all good to go.

I'm putting another pic of the kids at my soccer field.

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