Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daddy got a new pair of glasses

Hi folks,

I was just thinking of the saying 'Baby got a new pair of shoes', as I put on my first ever pair of glasses that aren't sunglasses. I went to the optometrist yesterday and he declared my actual vision to be fine, but he says I have acute eye-strain, most likely from working on the computer all the time and staring at small-print spreadsheets.

Now I have to worry about two different pairs of glasses, these and my Ray Bans. But if they do the job, I guess they are worth taking care of. I look like a geeky accountant from 'The Office'.

Been pretty sick the last few days, thanks to the dust storms we've been having. I was so knackered after soccer practice today that I had to cancel dinner plans, and did not go out to play with the 'Oldies'. I felt like I was going to faint. One of my colleagues came over to get some vitamins and GABA from my cupboard, and handed me a good dose and a bottle of water.

Thankfully, one of our security team brought me an ice-cream cone, which I scarfed down. Felt good on my throat. Went to sleep and woke up just now with a killer appetite. So, I reheated some leftover pizza from last night in my handy-dandy toaster oven, and now I feel pretty good.

Listening to Red Rose Speedway, by Paul McCartney and Wings. It's a pretty intricate record. The lyrics aren't complicated, but the compositions are pretty tricky. Most people give more credit to John Lennon for the success of the Beatles, but Paul is no wimp. Plus, he's still with us, whereas Chapman ended John Lennon's life with four shots in the back. Wish I could have seen him in a live concert. Paul's concert, which I attended with my Dad a couple of years ago, was brilliant.

I have walked past the Dakota Hotel, where John lived all those years ago. I was on a business trip to Columbia University, which is relatively nearby. It was freaky to imagine what happened in 1980.

In other news, I like my new look, with glasses.

Love and Peace to all.

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