Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Everyone is celebrating here. The Muezzin started at 0430 and sang the prayers until just now. Where does he get his lungs? He has a great voice. I went to the window to listen to his prayers, even though I can't understand a word of Arabic.

Since he woke me up so early, I decided to do some work and read a bit.

I am listening to Abbey Road now. Don't understand why they ruined such a great record with Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Octopus's Garden. What rubbish.

Just about everything else there is golden.

I think I may have written on this topic before.

What cracks me up is that people like Joe Cocker cover "She came in through the bathroom window" but they don't get the link in the medley--no Polythene Pam. Bathroom window is easy...Polythene Pam takes a bit more nuance.

Same with Golden Slumbers into Carry that Weight.


"I never give you my pillow, I only send you my invitation, and in the middle of negotiations, I break down...."

What a shame they couldn't figure out a way to work together and make more records. I know they stopped enjoying touring, but they could have made more magic in the studio together if they had got along.

Paul and John have got some great solo work, but George and Ringo are hopeless solo. They are surely millionaires, but the Fab Four is gone and I bet it hurts them.

So much great music that they participated in, even though bigger egos ruled the show.

I dig a pony.

Today is a holiday, for the martyrs' journey to Heaven. I hope John Lennon and George Harrison have made it there, because I want to meet them, if I ever get there.

Love and Peace to all.

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