Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Tuna melt, and real milk

I am swallowing the last bites of a true tuna melt sandwich.

Found canned tuna yesterday, got mayo and an onion, and today I found some nice brown bread--the kind with little seed kernels in it. So I put a pat of butter on each slice of bread, then let it sit in the dinky little toaster oven I have, for a few minutes. Spread the butter and loaded that sucker with the tuna salad I had made beforehand, put a slice of cheese (la Vache qui rit, for those of you who have been to Europe. The cow that's laughing--just a brand of light French cheese.)

Spread some veg. oil on the little tray that goes inside the toaster and then let that sucker sit for 5 minutes before turning it over. Burned my finger in that process LOL. Out it comes, crispy, brown and melty. Small pleasures.

I am sure my uncles have made thousands of these working in the restaurant my grandfather (Pepere) used to own, and when I managed a deli back in the early '90s, I made a few of them myself, but I am so proud of myself for getting all the ingredients and actually getting it together in my little toaster oven. Everything is relative--that's what Einstein said, right?

Also found milk in tetrapack, so I got four liters. Probably only drink one per week, as I am not a big milkie, but at least I have it.

Ok, enough about my diet. Time to play football. I can hear the boys outside already, and I am not even dressed for playing.

Hope everyone is well.

Love and Peace to all.

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