Thursday, October 2, 2008

Massive defeat

Well, we finally got the Oldies organized to go off the compound and play on a large field. It wasn't 11-11, but rather 9-9. And the field was massive, grassless, and netless. Spent a lot of time chasing balls behind the goals, and the dirt was flying. There was a massive foundation dig right behind the opponents' goal, so the ball ended up in the deep pit several times.

The result was disastrous. We lost 9-0. Our goalie, Ilias, who helps coach the boys here on the compound, did not come. His brother, Matti, AKA Woody Woodpecker (he's a red-head), who is a great striker, also did not show.

Finally succeeded in getting some video up. I am in black top and blue shorts, playing right defense. Enjoy....I worked hard to get this up.

I got some popcorn today....microwave....not the best....not like the Kern's (my Dad) Kernels. But still welcome.

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