Monday, September 29, 2008

Eleven on Eleven--unexpected opportunity

Hi people,

After my little coup yesterday, l let the staff leave a bit early today for three reasons:

1. Midnight tonight begins the Eid and they have to buy all their groceries and meat etc. for the feasting that will ensue.

2. There was terrible traffic in town today, because....well, refer to #1.

3. The internet was still not working, though we did get it fixed before COB.

When I went to play with the oldies, (please refer to earlier posts if you are a new reader) Saddam Hussein said he had a team that wanted to play against our little group here.

We've actually got quite a good adult team, built around the calle futbol idea...guys just getting out in the evening on the streets to touch the ball, make jokes (man there are a lot of jokes, especially fart jokes....I'm a Nidel after-all).

I wanted to show you our lineup from the Powerpoint I did, but it won't copy into here.

So, here's the sitch..

We're playing 4-1-3-2: four strikers, one sweeper, three mildfiedlers, two defenders, and the goalie....does that add up right? LOL It's a system I have seen in books and online. Can result in early goals to put the team at an advantage and then just switch out for stronger defense for the rest of the game. I am certainly going to be out of the action by halftime. Those who can't play, coach....LOL

Here's the lineup

Strikers, left to right: Marijos (son of a shopkeeper on the compound--see earlier posts about this guy);Saddam Hussein, Nour (new to me, but Marjos called him for Thursday's game); Hanz (son of same shopkeeper).

Sweeper: Fadi (played with him tonight, unfortunately, as he whooped my butt)

Midfield: left to right: Mattii (one of the guys who helps me coach the small boys, nickname Woody can see him in earlier posts) Emad (one of the oldies), Bill Clinton (from earlier posts)

Defense: Rami (new guy--friend of Fadi), and George Washington (that's me)

Gochi--Ilias (and he is superb in goal)

I think we will win if we don't get hurt in the process. Knock on wood, but hey at least is a chance to play some real ball during the break for Eid.

Love and Peace to all.

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