Monday, October 20, 2008

Is the box half-empty or half-full

Hi folks,

Today I dragged out the box of shoes that were donated by the Southwestern Youth Association, based in Clfiton, Va, a place that I spent a lot of time in as a teenager playing in punk bands.

I won't allow the boys to play in cleats on my field. The grass is still too fragile for cleats. Half of the box was cleats, half was flats. Of course, I couldn't order specific sizes in specific styles, I just took what was donated and did my best to fit the boys for the shoes available. I will hold in reserve the cleats that came in the box, in case we get a chance to play on a real field.

In the meantime, it's a heartbreaker to see the boys so enthused about a new (used)pair of shoes, and then they find that none of them fits their feet. I can't allow them to play in shoes that don't fit!

In any case, thanks to the folks at Southwestern Youth Association Soccer Club for collecting and sending all of that stuff. The boys are overjoyed.

I gurarantee one or more of these youngsters will be on the Iraqi national team someday, and you can all say "I knew him when...."

Love and peace to all, and thanks for your support.

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