Monday, October 20, 2008

What to do when it's too cold to play football?

I had a brain-fart yesterday.

Here's my problem. It starts to get dark around 1730 now. I work at the office until 1600 and then have to ride home for about half an hour, change clothes and meet the boys at the gate to play soccer.

Some of the boys are in the morning shift at school, and some are in the afternoon shift. The afternoon boys are always late. I make them run extra laps for coming late. However, it's not really their fault.

At the same time, with the sun going down so early and no Daylight Savings Time, it hardly gives you time to play. Once the winter really sets in, we'll not be able to play after work.

So, we will do English lessons at the same time as we usually play football! Luckily, my new colleague Camilia is an English teacher, and she has a lot of materials for teaching basic English. I have taught English before, to Russians--the only difference being that I could speak Russian and I can't speak Kurdi to save my life. Just a few phrases that come in handy on the soccer field. "Itu=sit down". "Skot=shut up'. ITU SKOT is a very handy phrase.

In any case, I need something to do with my time out of the office. So this is what I'll do in the winter.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support! I can assure you that my Blue Angels feel it and carry it home to their families. The war of 'hearts and minds' is being won by private investment in the Beautiful Game, not by soldiers handing out candy-bars.

They are coming in droves....I don't have enough space for all of them...and neither can I provide them all with footballs, shoes, shin guards, etc...

Love and Peace to All!

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