Friday, October 31, 2008

The return of the Blue Angels

YES, there was no rain yesterday, so we actually got out to play.

It was great to see the boys back on the field. The grass was thick and green thanks to several days of rain and the fact that we didn't run on it for five days.

It's getting to be too dark to play much past 5:30, but we pushed on. I may need to set up a second halogen light on the field. Will have to find a way to raise some money for that.

It's also getting cold. The boys are coming dressed in full track suits, and they don't even drink water during practice, whereas when it was hotter, they were taking almost one liter of water each during practice.

We exercised, ran, and played a scrimmage to a two-all draw, before closing down.

I gave the boys some 'Halloween' candy--one piece at a time....then tossed the rest of the bag up in the air and let them scramble for it. That was fun.

They were so happy to be back on the field that they didn't even fight over the candy.

Still the same old 'Mister-Mister, me no football' at the end of practice.

No big deal. It was just good to see them out there again. The field is looking really good heading into winter. I think it will survive in good shape and come spring we will have a beautiful green pitch on which to play.

Look to the next post for something new.

Love and Peace to all!

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