Friday, October 31, 2008

Evening from Heck

Hi folks,

Before I get to tonight's grande finale, let me tell you a story about (a man named Jeb, poor moutaineer, barely kept his family fed, and then one day he was shootin' at some food, and up from the ground come a-bubblin' crude--RIP Uncle Danny) something that happened yesterday.

I was planning to go race on the go-kart track, but it had rained during the day, which ruined soccer and also made it unlikely that the track would be open. So, I came home after work, did some more work here, and then went out to dinner with a former colleague and her associates.

I took a seat at the far end of the table from the woman I know, because her end was crowded and the other end had been designated as the smokers' end of the table. I made small talk with people, as you do in strange gatherings, but at the same time, I heard someone speaking Dutch. So, I jumped in and used my limited Dutch to surprise them....

Anyway, after a while, another colleague of mine arrived with his cousin. I had invited them with the express permission of the party's hostess, my former colleague.

By this time, all those present had visited the salad bar, and most had a glass of wine or beer in front of them, so the table was kind-of crowded.

Since both the newly-arrived colleague and his cousin are smokers, I started to make room for them at my end of the table. I asked the Dutch lady sitting next to me: "Do you mind if I scoot a bit closer to make room for two more chairs?" She said: "yes I do mind...and who are these people anyway?" I replied, "This is my colleague and his cousin and the hostess specifically said it was OK to bring them to dinner with me." She replied, "Well I didn't say it was OK...." I assumed she was someone senior to my former colleague, so I said nothing, took my plate and my glass from the table and walked into another part of the restaurant.

I had to apologize to my friend and his cousin, pay the bill for what little I had consumed and bug out. The hostess came to apologize and sent me a text message later, but I was so humiliated in front of friends....I have never wanted to throttle someone more than I did last night. Except maybe during the days of the Gelbins vs. Grits/Dweifs wars. (inside joke....most readers won't get it.)

Anyway, that was last night....and tonight is Halloween.

I have two more stories to tell you, but one has yet to happen....that is what goes down at the party tonight.

Love and Peace to all!

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