Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Thanksgiving in India

Hi folks,

What a drag to wake up this morning to witness the carnage in Mumbai (Bombay). In 2001, when I was doing the earthquake relief, I had dinner in one of the hotels that was invaded yesterday. Little did I know then, that my passport could get me killed in a quiet hotel in India.

It never took a passport to get shot by a sniper in was all random. However, according to the BBC, people in this incident were being asked specifically whether they had a US or British passport, and then singled out for 'special treatment'.

Some of my good colleagues work in Mumbai. I just pray that they weren't out for dinner on Thanksgiving eve.

The place looks worse than Baghdad. Over a hundred are dead, and nearly 300 are wounded. An Al-Qaeda-affiliated group has claimed responsibility.

It makes me cry just to think about it. This is what 8 years of 'democracy building' has gotten us.

Thanks to all of my conservative friends who still believe that the right wing has fixed all of our problems. I respect your opinions at the same time as I despise their outcomes.....

Please, anyone who reads this and cares, do something this Holiday season for your Muslim neighbors, your gay or black neighbors, to show that you change peoples minds about us white, middle class people.

Hearts and doorstep at a time.

Peace and Love to all! Have a great Turkey Day.

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