Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The coming of the magi

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The three kings (as we call them in American English) had no clue where they were headed when they set out across the vast space that separated them from the newborn King. They had no idea what they would encounter along the way, or what kinds of treachery Herod might bring to bear.

They followed a freaking star to find the Lord Jesus, born in a little shed in some God-foresaken place.

What better lesson do we need to teach us to be humble, teach us to be servants of men and women?

In this season of love and joy, we need to remember how fragile we are and be humble for this. It was an infant in a shed that changed our world. The shepherds who came to greet him represent most of us. Simple people whose sole purpose was to find a place to be warm and get some rest.

They stumbled upon our Lord, the baby Jesus, guided by a supernova who knows how many light years away. I guess we should all be so lucky to stumble on such a person, based on information that is probably 10,000 years old before we find it.

The kings or wise-men, or magi, depending on your translation, were probably trying to prove some astronomical theory, since astronomy was quite the big thing in the Middle East at the time. They got the gift of the star that led them to Bethlehem and fell down in worship of a little baby.

I think we all worship babies. I know that I worship mine in some way.

My dad used to sing songs from the musical "Ahmal and the Night Visitors". Lots of fun times with uncles and aunts doing all the parts, and Dad just blasting out 'Don't you dare touch my mother!' The funniest line, back then, was: "And one of them is black"! I can't believe we laughed at the racism inherent in such a line. Those were good, fun times! I guess the person who wrote that story had no clue....no malicious intent...just ignorance. No harm, no foul.

In other news:

There is no other news today. I am just winding down so I can celebrate Christmas in a proper way.

Love and Peace to all!

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