Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A howling wind

Hi folks,

Last night, there was a mighty wind blowing through Ainkawa. At some point in the night, I thought I heard my housemate, Ms. C., rummaging through her cookware, or washing pots and pans.

Turns out that the wind was so strong it blew through the hallway between our rooms and started knocking stuff off the shelves and the top of the fridge.

I needed to go to the bathroom at that time, and as I did, it seemed to me that a cat or maybe a rat had gotten into the space between the drop-ceiling and the concrete block above the WC.

It was the wind making the noise!

Anyway, if you are disoriented and tired, it's easy to mistake some things for other things.

Life-lesson for me. If I had a weapon in my hand I would have killed the wind....LOL

Love and Peace to all!

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