Saturday, December 6, 2008

Victory is ours!!!!!!

Hi folks,

After several less than stellar outings, the little team I play with (not the boys I coach, but adults) has chalked up a stunning win yesterday: 12-6. I, personally, spent most of the game chasing down balls that got kicked over the blast walls. But then, again, as the oldest guy on the field, I was happy that I had a sub to take my place. The problem is that we have a new security officer in charge of the compound that connects to ours. We are now required to show a special pass to go from one side to the other, and sign a log book when we enter and leave.

So, I looked like some character in one of those sped-up movies, running around through the gate to the other side of the wall, flashing my badge, signing the book, searching for the ball (they have a habit of 'disappearing' if you don't get over there fast enough), then running back. By the fourth time, the guards stopped making me sign in and out.

I am thinking of putting a net across the top of the wall where most of the balls go, but that takes some money, and permission from the security chiefs on both sides of the wall.

Anyway, some photos of our fun are here for your enjoyment. The vanquished are in white and green, the victors in blue and black.

Peace and Love to all!

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