Sunday, December 7, 2008

World Turned Upside Down

Hi folks,

When I was in high-school, my brother Chris and I were members of a colonial-style marching outfit called the Patriots of Northern Virginia. Nan and Sam Evans ran the group, and taught us how to march, dress, and play the bugles, fifes, and drums.

We had a song called 'World Turned Upside Down'. It was normally played as we marched through the official reviewing area, where the judges and dignitaries sat.

I just thought of that song as I tried to make sense of the mess that became of my room due to the furniture exchange today.

See, we work on a specific contract with the US Government. The other companies that work here are on other contracts. So, each piece of furniture is designated to one or the other contractor. We have nearly identical property, as everything was bought at the same time from the same suppliers.

I had developed a plan to exchange one-for-one all of the furniture in the house where I live, with the house that we used to use across town. The other contractor does not have a house any more, and has to store their property in a warehouse anyway. The idea was simple.....rather than dismantle and reassemble all the stuff in our old house, let them do it once and be done with it.

Too logical for Bagdhad bureacrats. We had to take everything apart and reassemble it, and things got broken here and there in the process. Nothing is the way it should be.

I remember as a kid moving between houses and having my uncles come to help..... Any time there was a misstep carrying the furniture, my dad would say 'You're dorking up my walls' or something like that. We used to joke all the time any of us 'dorked-up' the walls moving furniture, bikes or whatever. 'Don't be dorking up my walls!!!!' The walls here are concrete, not drywall, so you can dork them up pretty much all you want, and get away with it....just a touch of plaster and all is good.

Anyhoo, my room needs a good re-organization. I will start on that in the morning.

In other news, Ghana had elections today! Those who know me realize how much I care for that country and its people. My kids did most of their early years there, and I had my first real leadership experiences there. Many of my friends are or have been involved with Ghanaian politics.

This election means a lot to Ghana, but also to W. Africa as a whole. Pray for a peaceful and honest outcome. We probably won't get a final result for a few days, but I think I already know who the winner is. Open the envelope after the results are in, and I will say, "I told you so".

Meantime, had a nice little run of soccer this evening, and I am logging off now to go to sleep.

Peace and Love to all!

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