Friday, January 9, 2009

Another day, another cause that needs support

Hi folks,

As I write, things are going ballistic in the Middle East, and it seems the US doesn't have the cojones to do anything in this lame-duck period. But, then again, when did we ever do much to keep things in check over here?

I have put up a direct link to so you can vote for Citizen Schools. I am now enrolled as a Citizen Champion for this cause.

At the same time, I am voting for a cause called the Dream Act, that would allow undocumented US-resident, immigrant children to attend a college or university in the States. It would not be free tuition--same terms as we all get/got for the financing, but at least a chance to attend. Basically, it would revoke the automatic prohibition many potential studends face, just because they don't hold the right passport.

As you can see, these two causes are closely linked. In my humble opinion, we'll never emerge from the social and economic doldrums we're in, unless we do something to improve our educational system.

Please go to and vote for these causes.

There are many causes on the site that I don't necessarily support, so I don't vote for them. The two I have featured in this space are not ones that would probably cause a dilemma from a moral or social standpoint. The whole idea is that we can show our incoming president the things we really care about. The internet was a big factor in his election victory.....let's make it a HUGE factor in his policy decisions!

Love and Peace to all!

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