Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Deal?

Hi Folks,

Action, and action NOW!

Thank God that my immediate family and most of my friends have jobs that will be somewhat insulated from the current crisis. (Although, most of us have probably seen a lot of our investments wiped out by the recent rape and pillage of the financial industry.)

I really hope that you will look at the causes I have posted over there on the right. Cast your vote for either or both....and vote for more (up to 10 votes), if you wish. They are not looking for money, they just want your vote.

Heck, is anyone even reading this?

Why do I waste my time....

I have the feeling, but not the statistics, that the US is the most under-educated population in the developed world. Both of the causes that I have posted on this blog are about education. Who among the reader(s)? would argue against the need for our country to pull itself up by the educational boot-straps and start to compete on an intellectual rather than brute-force level, with the rest of the world's economies.

We were able to advance through the 70's, 80's, and 90's (the only years I have been alive), despite gas crises, hostages, Reaganomics, etc., because we were a massively successful industrial economy, built on war-profiteering during WWII. We also had the best technology in the world, though much of it was controlled by the Department of Defense for a while. It took the Japanese years to catch up with us technologically, but they whooped our butts in industry, because all of their factories were built after 1945, whereas most of ours were built in the 1920's.

Not to mention that the USSR finally capitulated to our massive Military Industrial Complex.

I have written about this before, but I repeat that Eisenhower was right when he warned about the creeping influence of the big defense firms.

Unfortunately, in the 2000's, we have spent so much money fighting the Wars that Bush Made, and padding the pockets of well-connected cronies. Can you just imagine what we could have done with all that money? (Think, healthcare for kids, better schools, higher salaries for teachers, better benefits for vets...)

Arguments rage on Capitol Hill over $700 Billion...COME ON!

The War on Humanity (ahem, Terrorism) has cost us so much more....and that's only the monetary costs. Forget the men and women who came home in flag-draped caskets--they were expendable to begin with. Forget the people whose human rights have been abused in order to feed the fire of fear that the Cheney machine required in order to justify spying on innocent US citizens.

I am most concerned about the fact that we have been totally debased as a country, by the actions of a few small-minded people.

There was a song I used to sing in the Cub Scouts, when we lived in the UK:

I'll take the high road,
You take the low road,
And I'll get to Scotland before ye!

I think we as a country are losing the race to Scotland, if you get my drift.

Love and Peace to all!

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