Thursday, January 15, 2009

Five days to Wapner

Hi folks,

Something someone said yesterday evening when I was sitting playing a game of Carcassone with some of my security guys (AKA Cavemen), made me think of Dustin Hoffman's award-winning role in Rain Man. I can't even remember the character's name, but I remember he was always counting down the time until 'The People's Court' came on TV, with Judge Wapner.

My kids have never seen the movie, but they know what it means to be 5 minutes to Wapner.

Crap thing about Wapner, is that he's always on time. Turn on the TV at 4:30 PM, and he's there. Wapner can not be late, or we'd all scream at him and say he was irresponsible for being late.

I suppose I live in a whirlwind between a mother who is never on time for anything, and a father who is strictly by the clock. Just to be sure, I try to be the first one in the office, after the cleaning lady. Normally I am, indeed the first one in.

In other news:

Obama, our nation's first black president is about to be inaugurated, five days to Wapner.

I freaking can't believe we did this....elect a progressive PLUS black candidate.

I just hope he lives up to his promises and becomes more subtle and well-informed that he was during the race for the electric chair, ahem Oval Office.

Nominating Hillary for SecState was a dumb, politcally-motivated thing to do, but that pales in comparison with some of the nominations W. made. Harriet Miers? COME ON! She is like Palin^2. Palin squared.

What the heck do I care, I don't plan to live in that country anyway, just passin' through Joe.

Hmm, on second thought, what am I saying?

Our country, like it or leave it (hehe), has given me many good things: my Dad, my Mom, my Brothers....and a good education. Can we do better?

Have we tried?

We must try. Otherwise we're all just cynical hypocrites, armchair athletes, Monday-morning quarterbacks, pine-riders, sheep, lemmings, whatever! Just letting things happen while we watch.

Please, please go to and vote for something, anything, if you feel that you don't fit any of the categories above.

If you do fit in one of those categories, you can vote anyway, we don't discriminate.

Do not misunderestimate the value of your vote!

Love and Peace to all!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,
I accidentally came across your blog and enjoyed very much reading postings (and watching pics and clips). I am glad you are doing well. Take care.
Old friend from BH VDz