Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hail to the chief!

Hi folks,

So, today we get a new President! Let us hope and pray that he will have the courage to truly change our society in the ways that he described in his inaugural address. What an amazing speech it was.

Some pundits are saying that it was not the best speech he's delivered over the course of his campaign and election to the presidency. I can't make comparisons, because I never really had time to watch the other speeches (given the time difference, and the fact that most of the public events take place in the evening, US time, you can understand). Anyway, I was literally crying most of the day, as I watched the people stream onto the Mall, saw them with their banners, heard their chants and songs.

And then, The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America makes a mistake in reading the oath of office. I had to pick myself off the floor and back into my chair when that happened. I still cried, because maybe people have started to realize that we are not robots, and that there is some room in the social sphere for love, kindness...something other than a machine-like march to get while the getting's good.

This day doesn't change anything, per-se, but it represents the potential for change, and the fact that our country desires the change. For me, it was just inspiring to see it all happen.

Some of my friends who didn't even bother to vote, felt inspired to go and see the spectacle. I suspect it was more about the event than the actual meaning of this change. They may be immature in their understanding of the importance of's not just a week-long's a four-year commitment to do something better for our country and the world.

But anyways, the whole world celebrated with us!

Good-riddance to the dispassionate, self-serving idea of compassionate conservatism, the big lie. Good-riddance to the idea that we can afford, as a nation, to let the wealthy avoid taxes while the poor loose their jobs. Good-riddance to the notion that the main effect that the USA can have on the rest of the world is death and destruction. Good-riddance to the belief that we can be the 'deciders' for the rest of the world.

Welcome collaboration, cooperation, communication. No more robots (except Hillary.....that was a bad mistake, but oh, well!).

I want to see our nation rise to its former glory as a shining star for all freedom-loving people. The level to which we have sunk as a result of the general economic malaise is appalling. W and his team have really ridden herd on the USA, and they may rot in the deepest pit of the darkest place, as far as I am concerned.

They ruined not just our country, but Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and, probably most importantly, most of the world's respect for the USA.

Those of us who work out here, trying to repair the damage the politicians have done, have to face this every day. Not only are people upset because of the damage that has been done to their country, but they mock us because of the damage we've done to our own.

WOW, who would imagine Iraqis telling us that we're the ones who are messed up?

Love and Peace to all!

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