Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maybe I forgot to mention

Hi folks,

I had an amazing tour of the Sports and Fitness College of the University of Salahaddin, where my office is located, on the day before inauguration day. I saw facilities for basketball, volleyball, soccer....all except swimming.

Anyone out there got $400K to help me build an indoor pool here (1/2 Olympic size)?

Return on investment--probably none. Maybe an Olympic medal at some point down the road...

In other news:

I did have a great tour of the University facilities.

They have built a soccer field on the grounds of the College of Engineering, where my office is located. It's complete with a chain-link cage enclosure, well-lined field, goals....great for 5-a-side football. ALSO! They are using chipped tires to underly the artificial turf.

I was going to make my first million chipping tires to sell to Kurdish soccer clubs, but I guess someone has beaten me to it. There are bags and bags of that stuff stacked up around the field. When I asked the dean of the college where the chipped rubber came from, he was not even sure. I bet from Turkey, where most of what we get here comes from.

In any case, I am glad to see these athletes doing their best in the various sports offered by the College.

I also met a group of musicians, athletes just resting on their day off from training. One was playing a sweet classical guitar, the others were just listening. When I passed them again on the way back to the car, a different guy was playing. I gave them my card and said let's get together and play sometime. I have three harps with me here...not all in the best key, but they'll do in a pinch.
Love and Peace to all!

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