Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jim Morrison is lost in Kurdistan

Hi Folks!

We have a bit of a situation here. Jim Morrison seems to have gone missing. We were just listening to him sing last night, and today, he is gone. What the heck happened to him, we have no idea.

Even the security professionals are at a loss to figure out what happened to him.

We've dispatched all our best resources to find the poor man, but so far we've come up empty.

My theory is that Jim has fallen in love with a Kurdish girl, and doesn't want us snooping around into his private life. That would explain some of the music he was singing last night. 'Love Her Madly--wanna be her daddy?????" where does that come from, Jimmy?

As most of you know, I go on leave the day after tomorrow (tomorrow being my normal day off). I am so ready for my leave, if you can't tell by the way my sense of humor has started to warp.

That said, we need to find Jim. There are millions of fans waiting to hear him sing again. We cannot let them down.

I will spend my one remaining free day in the desert with my security team, searching for the missing Jim Morrison. I will bring my harmonicas to see if we can lure him back to civilization.

He'll ride the King's Highway west back into town (the West is the best, after all).

In other news:

The blue bus is calling us. Not sure if you knew that. Check your commo channel. Please have your ticket ready when you board.

The Beatles were better than the Doors and the Stones, by far. After several hours of deliberation, I have resolved this issue, just so everyone knows.

I will be on leave starting tomorrow, so there may not be much to read, in case anyone really cared.

Maybe I can get a guest host? Any volunteers?

Didn't think so!

My last task is the mid-month financials and I am $250 out of balance.....that never happens!!! Gotta find the mistake.

Ok Ciao for now!

Love and Peace to all!

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