Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bathroom Boys, the Water Break, and the sheep that said 'Sheila'

Hi folks!

A contractor has been working on the bathrooms all day in my house. He's making things a bit more aesthetically pleasing, putting in some shower cabinets so we don't stand in a big hall with water running over us, and adding some heating and ventilation (to swiff out the moisture so we don't get mildew).

It's a big job, and one which I would have ideally gotten started well before going on leave, but so be it.

They have a small boy working with them--probably about 8 years old. One part of me says, Man that's child labor and is wrong, and should be prosecuted. The other part of me says, The kid is learning something that may be useful later in life. Like when I used to help my dad fix cars. He never made me do it...I just wanted to do it. And now, I can fix almost anything on a normal gasoline-engine car. Or even diesel, for that matter--but I learned those things later.

I just shaved and came back to my room to make sure my packing was complete.

Everything but my computer and my i-pod are in place, and those won't be difficult to stuff in the backpack when I get out in the morning.

I wanted to take a shower, but somehow the water is gone. Guess the guys working on the bathrooms somehow drained the tank. I had started the shower to get the cabinet heated up for me, and by the time I got there with towel in hand, the water was gone. Hence, the water break.

Today was a beautiful day, with temperatures above 70F. I wanted so badly to play some soccer, but by the time I organized it and did it, I would have been so whipped. So I just decided this day is a rest day for me. Pack, clean the room, shave, shower, take a nap and get the heck to the airport on time!

Meanwhile I had to buy some lamb chops for tonight's dinner. We're Cavemen, after all, not Barbarians. The poor sheep.....kept saying Sheila, like his girlfriend was named Sheila or something.

If you bought that one, I have some real-estate in Cuba for you.

If you got the joke, you probably know that in Australian English a Sheila is a woman, and sometimes, it just so happens that sheep fall in love with human women. What goes between them is a matter of conjecture, and I will leave it at that.

I really need to leave it at that.

Love and Peace to all!

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