Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes I crack myself up

Hi folks!

If you ever come on this blog and don't laugh about something that I write, please just don't come back anymore.

I assume a basic sense of humor when I write these little messages.

When I was in high school, I worked with a team of guys to make videos for all of our English lit projects. We would rent a video camera from Erols (the Croat guy that eventually sold out to Blockbuster), get a few blank tapes, and spend a Saturday doing our project. To be honest with you, I think we spent more time on the parody commercials than the honest content of the analysis of the book in question. For sure, we had more fun doing the commercials. In any case, we always got an A or an A+ on the work, so I guess we survived.

I think I would pay pretty good money to get those tapes back from whoever has them. Maybe next HS reunion I will ask around.

One of our skits had me dressed like a Rennaissance bard, playing a lute, and singing fake Anglo-Saxon words, and we had subtitles running up the screen talking about Beowulf. I freaking don't know where we got the lute, the wig, the costume, or how we figured out to make subtitles, but I can tell you it was brilliant.

I think I already wrote on here about the 'readin' light'.

We had one scene where, I think Jim, was smoking a pipe, pretending to be some fancy professor of literature, and we were interviewing him.

Besides my band, these things were what made me happy back in those days. Dan, Jim, and whoever else pitched up to do a project with us. The band was the main thing. Unfortunately bands have their political issues and maybe some people got hurt as we formed and reformed.

If anyone still holds any grudge about those days, I apologize. I hold no grudges against anyone that ever made music with me, as bad as it may have been. I may have tried to steal your girlfriend or do some other harm to you.....those were immature and foolish days. We're all better than that now.

My concern now is for my children and their musical education. So many things are available to them now. Unfortunately, the piano sits unused in my apartment near DC.

They will both learn to play something. That is a given.

Love and Peace to all!

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