Saturday, February 7, 2009

Learning Afrikaans

Hi Folks!

I have no idea why I even care, as Afrikaans is probably spoken by fewer people than Basque. But since it's related to Dutch, which is the language that my kids speak, it's kinda interesting.

It's basically Dutch with a twist. I find it fun to hear the differences between real Dutch and Afrikaans.

There is a song by a singer named Valiant Swart, called Horisontaal (Horizontal). When I first heard it, I thought he was was saying: 'Wees van taal' (watch your language). So funny!

So now that is's Horisontaal! The state you will be in when you get in your grave.

And I learn the rest of the language by listening to the music and chatting with my Cavemen buddies.

Perhaps it's useless to learn Afrikaans.....but hey, who's going to be the tour guide for World Cup 2010?

That will be me with my security detail protecting me from all anti-fans! :-0

Dunno what will be the anti side, but I know that I will be protected. I will be buying two seats all the way through the finals.

There is a massive bet on the tournament. When I left Bosnia in 1997, my boss Jim and one of my project managers, Graham (from the UK) had a bet that the US would/would not win a World Cup within the next 10 chances. Now, the World Cup only happens so often, so I am not sure whether we've reached the 10 chances mark, but I am not all that hopeful for our team in 2010. Anyway their bet is that if the US can win within 10 chances from the time they placed the bet (I think 1996), the loser has to pay for the winner and his entire family to fly to the place where the other is, and the the other has to buy a luxury dinner and give them a weekend tour of their home city.

I think Jim will have to wait at least one more World Cup, as our boys don't seem too strong this year!

Love and Peace to all!

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