Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lobster in the Land of the Lost

Hi folks!

Can you believe I ate lobster tails with clarified garlic butter? Yes, this all happened last Thursday. The traditional caveman barbecue was transformed into an exotic feast. We still had pork and chicken, as some people in the caveman club are shellfish-averse, or allergic. But man that lobster was tasty.

Two of the cavemen went in on a deal to get two cases of 100 lobster tails each from someone nearby who knows how to get good stuff. At $250 per case, it's no small money. I pitched in $50, and have added another $40. We still haven't finished a third of the supply.

These are not your New England Maine lobsters. They are what some people call 'rock lobsters'. Much smaller--the tail is only about 6 inches long (maybe the Nidel curse?--inside joke hahah), and they don't turn red when you cook them....they stay grey.

We had a really good time, and told a lot of jokes, most of which cannot be repeated here! We're cavemen, after all, not barbarians. Did you ever hear the one about the genie with hard-hearing? Never mind.

In other news:

There was a bit of a scuffle in Kurdistan last week between Kurdish nationalists/separatists and Iraqi national forces. Seems it didn't amount to much, but I heard that 30 people were injured.

Also, a thumb tack, a paper-clip and a staple got into a bad situation. They were all about to be shoved into a shredder at the same time. As they contemplated their fate, the thumb tack said, "I'll try to jump out and see if the guy will step on me, so I can puncture his foot." So he managed to jump out, and he lay there on the floor beside the shredder, waiting to pounce on the poor office boy and gain escape for his buddies.

The paper clip said to the staple...."let me see if I can twist into a shape that he won't recognize, and then he might not remember that this shredder can take paper clips"

The staple said to the paper clip, "I think we might be in a jam."

When the office boy returned and stepped on the thumb tack, he had nothing but invective for the tack, the staple, and the paper clip. So he took them all off the pages he wanted to shred and threw them in the trash can. Where they lived happily ever after.

Peace and love to all!

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