Sunday, March 29, 2009

My kids are better than your kids and my dad can beat up your dad

Hi folks!

My dad is pretty strong, and I am sure he could beat up your dad, if he ever had the need to. Depending on what your dad was trying to do at the time, he might just run away and call the cops. As any smart person would normally do. Especially if your dad is bigger than mine. If he ever needed to resort to violence, I would be on his back, so warn your dad.

Anyhow, my kids are better than your kids, too. My son will whoop their butts in soccer and swimming, and drawing, and my daughter will shred them in piano, flute, and swimming, and math. At 9 and 12, they are quite amazing. Miniature super-heroes. At least to me!

I am pretty certain that my mom is holier than your mom, too. She does amazing things for people that are the family, outside the family, in the church, outside the church, in the hospital....etc. I think she should be canonized. Oh, crap, you have to be dead for that....sorry Mom! I just think that Mom is a perfect example of Christian charity, even though she gets fussy sometimes.

My ex-wife is better than your ex-wife, also. She is patient and kind and loving with our children. She is smart and articulate. She's a decent cook and has a good ear for music. She just couldn't live with me anymore.

These thoughts all come to mind as I plan my summer leave to join my parents and the kids in the US and have some fun. There will be some work involved, but it's mostly family time.

Hope to see many of you then.

Love and Peace to all!

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