Saturday, March 14, 2009

My first MRI

Hi folks,

Yesterday I had my first MRI. That was pretty intense. Besides having to strip naked, I also had to wear a set of headphones that played nothing but white noise. Could not even take my i-pod inside the machine.

At first, the machine started making a noise like a buzz-saw. I thought they were about to amputate my leg.

Then it made another noise, more like one of the later U2 songs. Then a huge buzz-saw again. Then Depeche just kept going and there were many occasions in which I felt that I was going to just fade away inside the radiation machine.

There would be a horrible silence, and then a surge of machinery.

All of it ended up in the result that I have nothing torn, no ligaments or tendons, thank God. Turns out I have had platinum in my leg since one ever told me.

And my camera is screwed.....the battery won't charge and it is acting up.

I would have liked to share my naked pictures with you all, but my camera was not working. Your loss! Or maybe not!

Love and Peace to all!

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