Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Erbil

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Hi folks!

I normally don't start my posts with complaints, but today I must make an exception. Where is the ham???????

I really miss Mom's ham with pineapple slices, spikes of clove, and all the rest.

Needless to say, it has been an interesting week here in Erbil.

On Good Friday, they took the figure of Christ off of the crucifix and put it in a small coffin. They proceeded to the back of the church, and all the parishioners came and put their hands on the feet of Jesus, kissed their hands, made the sign of the cross, and proceeded back to their pews.

I could not get any pictures.

Yesterday, I colored eggs (29--broke one of a crate of thirty). This morning, I got up early to put the eggs with names beside each person's door, so they would find them. Will take some chocolate to the office, too.

Half a day off today, as I need to prepare the Easter service we are having here. None of us can understand Assyrian/Chaldean, so we decided to do something for ourselves. Somehow I became the minister. LOL

In other news:

Going to the US in July--sometime around 6th--to meet up with my kiddos and spend some time with Mom and Dad and my brothers. Maybe play as a guest in one of their matches?

Also, while I am in the States, we're gonna go see AC Milan vs. Chelsea. Wow!

Probably also have to get my daughter (12) on a roller coaster as well!! She loves them, while my son (9) has his reservations.

Team USA seems to be headed for the World Cup Finals in 2010. I have bought tickets to follow the US team....and I have free accommodations from the South African guys from my security team. I will be there next summer! I know there is a major bet outstanding between Graham Saunders and Jim Kelly.

The bet is that the US will/will not win a World Cup---ten WCs from 1996. Loser has to buy full round trip air and accommodations for the winner and family to wherever he is at the time, and treat to a big dinner out. And then tell him to F-off.

Love and Peace to all!

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