Sunday, April 19, 2009

God and Groceries

Hi folks,

I promised more jokes, but it's hard to find clean ones in the Caveman environment. Luckily, I recently read a book that ties the various philosophical tenets to common jokes. It's called "Plato and a Platypus walk into a Bar...", by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein.

So, anyway, there was this very religious elderly Catholic lady, who used to rise early and go out to her porch with her coffee, or sometimes walk around the neighborhood with her dog, named Zippy. As she sat there in reflection, or exercised her legs, she would exclaim "Praise the Lord!!!!".

Her next-door neighbor, who just moved in, is an atheist. He comes out every morning and shouts "There is no God!!!"

This goes on for weeks: "Praise the Lord"....."There is no God"

So anyway, the little old Catholic lady ran into some financial trouble because she had given all of the life-insurance money she got when her husband died to the Sisters of Charity.

She ended up without enough money to pay for food. So, she prayed to God to help her get something to eat. "Praise the Lord!!!!"

Anyway, the next morning she goes out to take a walk with Zippy, and she sees two bags full of canned goods, coffee, rice, juice, tomato sauce and a cooler full of frozen ground beef and chicken on her front porch.

"Praise the Lord! He has answered my plea!!!"

Then the atheist neighbor jumped out from behind the hedge and says, "Ha! I bough the groceries for you because I knew you were having see there is no God."

So the next morning, the lady, with a full belly, and a fresh cup of coffee, comes out on her porch.
"Praise the Lord.....thank you God. Not only did you provide for me, but you made Satan pay for the groceries!!!!"

Love and Peace to all!

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