Sunday, June 7, 2009

The heat is on

Hi folks!

It's getting hot here in the land of sand. It's over 80 degrees Fahrenheit at 0900. Forecast for the rest of the week says we'll be over 100 every day, with no rain in sight.

Great weather for snakes and scorpions.

For some reason, last year, when I first got here, I wasn't that worried about them.

Now, when I am down to a few weeks before kick-off, I am more concerned. Even in a second-floor room, I shake out my boots every morning before putting them on. Call it paranoia, or a foot-fetish, or whatever, but I'd like to go home with feet that fit in my shoes and not some swollen stub. Luckily we have some highly-toxic powder strung out on the edges of our office compound, but that may be worse than just getting bit or stung and getting it over with.

In other news.....

I got the most delicious potato chips from somewhere--they have been sitting in my office for weeks and I never opened them until today. I forget where I bought them....

Lays, with balsamic vinegar and oriental spices. I realize it's all MSG, but they are so good.

There goes my sodium quota for today. And tomorrow.

DC United is hanging tough near the top of the chart for their division, just three points behind the arch-rival Chicago Fire.

Team USA is faltering a bit in their bid for a World Cup final sitting behind Costa-Rica in a division in which they had earlier held a commanding lead. I hope it's because so many of the first-team players are busy with MLS or other team commitments. Can't be that Bruce Arena (the famed coach from UVA who took them to several NCAA championships) has lost his spark!

I really like the guy and think he's a good coach. When I was doing therapy on my knee in the old Scott Stadium at UVA, Arena was either assistant head coach or head coach. He was a really nice guy. Used to check up on the players every day in the therapy rooms (and he even rode the bike with me one day)....he won't remember, but I do.

Vamos Team USA!

World Cup 2010...gotta get there, gotta be there.

Today is a bonus day, because I started this one yesterday and didn't have time to finish it....but look for the second installment.....

Our internet sucks today at the office, so my lunch-break message may have to wait until I get home. This really sucks.

Love and Peace to all!

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