Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When I leave, who will coach the Blue Angels?

Hi Folks,

Iraq recently tied Bafana Bafana (South African national team). Their keeper was amazing, but they could not strike. 0-0 was the score. Well done by Iraq.

As for my young Blue Angels:

Big question on my mind....who will coach the team?

There are a couple of bigger boys that come to play, but they get in fights. Christians vs. Muslims.

It makes me angry, and sad, and I cry when I think about my field becoming a battle-ground for this type of nonsense.

I told them if they fight on my field, I will pour gasoline (petrol) on it and destroy it.

I won't really do it, but I want to when they fight.

Probably, I will hand over the whistle to the oldest boy who comes regularly. Here, you are the coach. You are the hakam (referee in Arabic). Take my whistles, and my red and yellow cards, dear boy, and be a big brother to your friends. I will just have to get clearance for them to use the field inside the compound every day.

These are my Blue Angels, and they may produce some of Iraq's greatest footballers ever.

Time will tell. They need coaching, space, and a chance to prove themselves, just like all of us.

Love and Peace to all.

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