Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A year before 40

Hi folks,

Jeepers, it's a year before forty. Yup, turning 39 today.

I can't say it's a lot of fun, as my muscles and joints are starting to rust.

I AM getting a bit better at writing songs and just hanging out and telling jokes. My jokes aren't alwasys great, but I we'll see. I think I will do a better job once I get home and get the requisite amount of sleep....

You should have noticed that on here by now....don't worry, we'll make up the damage

In any case, 40 is a big stretch. You have to realize that at 40 you have basicallylived half of your life. What are you going to do with the other half? Think about it little man? Big money don't count for a happy life, I'm sayin' big money don't count for a happy life, a little man with a big heart make a happy wife. (Lila Downs, Little Man).

Big money don't count for a happy life......

May God's peace be with you as I touch the threshhold of 40 years. It's amazing I lasted this long.

Love and Peace to all!


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