Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hot as heck here!

Hi folks,

Just a quick note while I am cooling down from 2 hours of soccer and eating my dinner.

This morning, despite a cool-down period and a shower after playing, I woke up with salt-encrusted eyelids...I was sweating throughout the night. My AC cannot keep the temperature down to a comfortable level.....

Yet, the game must go many people have lent their kind support to this little side-project of mine. I need to make good on it!

Six to seven is kids' soccer time--I now have 19 boys registered. Still no girls. Shame.

After the kids' time, I eat my dinner, and then play again on the street with the Iraqi guards. We try to keep it clean, but sometimes they overreach. Trying to field a ball that's passed into the side of a huge generator can result in serious injury.

Anyway, we all have a good laugh when we make mistakes and we exploit the available landscape for some pretty cool moves.

Check out for an idea of how we play over here.

In the meantime.....

I have asked the groundskeeper to fertilize the grass, so he needs three days of no play to water it and get it settled. We will rest on Sunday (Mass is at 6 PM) and Monday, and on Tuesday we will go play on a full-sized field in the neighborhood (with full armed escort, of course).

Take care all!

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