Monday, September 1, 2008


Hi Folks!

We're starting to give nicknames to our players. I really can't show you pictures of the kids on this blog for security reasons, but when I get back, you will see what I mean.

We have, for now, of the 19 kids, several really good ones:

David Beckham--for the kid with the Mullet and the big mouth.
Mickey Mouse, for the tiny boy with big ears.
Egg-head, for the kid with an egg-shaped head.
Fat Albert, for the obvious reason...he has a really good shot, but needs to do some running.
Game-boy, for the kid that always wants to play a scrimmage rather than do real training.
Grumpy, for the boy who, despite his mood, just looks grumpy.

These are mostly made up by the kids themselves, but I help them when they get stuck. We have many more to think up.

I think one kid is going to become John Wayne, because he shoots like nobody's business.

One more evening off, and then we go to play on the big field.

My own grass is looking lovely after a day of rest. Wish my legs felt as rested as my grass.

I play with the guards at night, even if the boys aren't here.

That's the news in brief. Gotta get ready for work.

Happy, peaceful wishes to all!

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