Thursday, August 28, 2008

These go up to Eleven

Some of you will get the reference....

Anyhow, I had 11 boys on the small field yesterday. These are boys that want to play so badly, they come 40 minutes before the scheduled time. Find me 11 fat-Nintendo-fed kids in the US that want their outdoor play time as badly. I"ll put $1000 on these rowdy disorganized kids against anything you bring.

In other news, the moon/Mars thing was not visible last night, due to cloud cover. I was very disappointed.


squid said...

you're the one who bought us our nintendo way back in the day!! hah

Rick Nidel said...

Yes, that is true....but at least you grew out of it...or did you?

Soccer every day takes the living crap out of you...but these boys are solid.