Friday, October 17, 2008

They are really becoming Angels

Hi folks,

The boys were soooooooooo good today. They listened and hardly yapped at me. I think I am getting somewhere with them. I didn't have to issue any yellow or red cards today.

A colleague of mine took some photos and video. I will try to upload what I can now.

Meantime, thanks to all of my readers for moral and financial support.

In other news:

Tomorrow I am going to the wedding of a friend from our security detail. The Marriage Mass is at 6. Party starts at 8. I am taking Sunday off. I figure I'll be the sober one providing security to the group. I will not handle a weapon, but I will be more alert than they will. Not that there should be any reason to worry about security.

One of our South African security guys came over to borrow a suit, shirt and tie. Lucky he is about the same size as I am. I don't know what he will do for shoes, as I only have one pair of
dress shoes here.


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mike said...

that's pretty sweet, nice work rick