Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Basement

There is a song by some Russian band, which seems prescient, it's called Podval (The Basement).

It was sent to me by my friend Alex (

If you know Russian, you will get the message.

If not, it's hard to translate. But the basic point is that the Chekisti (the current Russian political leadership) are taking the country back into the dark days.

Razoj bazar! Ne xochu nazad!

In Translation,
What the heck is going on, I don't want to go back to the SoVok (USSR).

The Dow is tanking, the S&P is not far behind, and we're all taking a huge bath because of the way our markets have been tampered with by the smarties. I am so sick of this discussion of financial bailouts for big banks and auto firms.....they have made their hay....let them sleep in the barn now. A-holes....all of them.

in other news:

there is no more soccer in the compound, as it gets dark here by 5, but I did get a quorum of kids to come to English class on Monday.

Hearts and minds, (hopefully no mines, LOL)...Dad, can you help me with the mines?

Love and Peace!


james said...

privatize profits, socialize losses. right? go capitalism.

Rick Nidel said...

Time to get out of the system.